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World Class air supplies & spa blowers

Air Supply International Pty Ltd specialise in the development of spa blowers and air supplies for the pool and spa Industry. We manufacture a wide range of spa blowers and equipment from economy models to full commercial and now the smallest by-pass blowers in the portable spa blower equipment and bath market.

All models feature our Patented “loop charged injection” air delivery system.

Our product range is also used extensively in the light commercial area for mixing tanks, plastic injection moulding and powder coating industry for the movement of materials.

Our blowers are also used for the supply of emergency aquaculture air systems in the Aquaculture Industry, where pressures of up to 4PSI are required for long durations and the airflow must be free of series motor pollution.

Guaranteed Performance & Durability
from Spa King-World Class air supplies & spa equipment

Celebrate over 30 years supplying high quality Spa Blowers for the pool & spa industry in Australia.

50,000 customers cannot be wrong!

Quiet, Safe, Reliable, Long Serviceable Life.

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